Gerrymandering Isn't Evil

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. At Politico, John Sides and Eric McGhee make the necessary point: “Gerrymandering Isn’t Evil.” They aren't as pro-gerrymandering as I am, but a good debunking of districting myths.

2. “White supporters of the Confederate battle emblem are distinguished not by their knowledge of Southern history but rather their ignorance of it.” Fascinating research on racism and support for Confederate symbols from Spencer Piston and Logan Strother. At the Monkey Cage. Lots of important caveats are included and are needed, but still very interesting.

3. While James Loewen at the Washington Post talks about how the history books lied about Confederate history.

4. I don’t believe that a political circus during a party's primary season will have any effect at all on the general election; in almost all cases, I don’t think the party’s reputation matters much to the voters who are up for grabs. But there's one large exception: The possibility that Republicans will manage to turn Latino voters into loyal Democrats. As View’s Francis Wilkinson notes, Trump (and the other candidates’ failure to stand up to him in most cases) could be another contributor to that. 

5. Nice essay on Richard Nixon from Elizabeth Drew.

6. Good Ed Kilgore item on turnout, liberals and Barack Obama.

7. And, sadly, the end (at least for now?) of Rany on the Royals. What it is that makes Royals fans so good at writing about baseball? It didn’t stop me from rooting for the Giants in the World Series. I understand what it’s like to root for a broken franchise and then see them turn it around. By the way: I still can’t believe Juan Perez hit that long double off of Wade Davis. I hope Rany gets his share of great World Series memories created soon, at least in years when the Giants aren’t involved.

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