How to Follow the 2016 Campaign

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Good point from Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction: The Arizona districting majority was Progressive, not liberal.

2. Paul Waldman over at The Week has good advice for how to follow the 2016 presidential campaign.

3. David Leonhardt and Alicia Parlapiano at the Upshot argue that marriage equality fits in a broad U.S. pattern of extending rights. That’s a reasonable interpretation; on the other hand (and as they mention), the vote contracted significantly, and for several decades, after Reconstruction was defeated -- and not just in the South, since new barriers to voting were established all over the nation. In the long run, the vote expanded again, but the setback (and it’s not the only one) was significant enough that it calls their claim into question, in my view. Still, a good item.

4. Dan Larison at the American Conservative, still not impressed by Jeb Bush’s foreign policy -- including if it’s based on George W. Bush’s second term.

5. And Monique Morrissey at the Economic Policy Institute is writing about disability rates and Social Security Disability Insurance.

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