Christian Conservative Backlash Begins

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1. Let’s start with Obergefell: Here’s Andrew Sullivan on marriage equality.

2. Jonathan Rauch at Time on marriage equality.

3. Ed Kilgore on the Christian conservative backlash -- although I’ll stick (and I’m not saying that Kilgore disagrees) with my sense that any backlash will be short-lived.

4. Sarah Posner on the decision, the dissents and religion.

5. While Philip Klein warns his fellow conservatives not to overreach in their language condemning the decision.

6. At the Monkey Cage, Michael Bailey on why King turned out to be a 6-3 decision and what it tells us about the Court.

7. Also at the Monkey Cage, Jonathan Oberlander and Eric Patashnik have a good overview of the ACA after the King case.

8. A nice Robert Farley speculation at The National Interest about a world without a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

9. HuffPollster has a nice look on what the early nomination polls mean (or don’t mean).

10. And James Fallows on Barack Obama’s funeral oration Friday.

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