Ritholtz's Reads: Is the Oil Rally Over?

Cruise into your weekend with our algorithmically neutral morning train reads.

Cruise into your weekend with our algorithmically neutral morning train reads:

  • Memo to Bond Market From Fed: You Were Right on Interest Rates (Bloombergsee also Memo to Fed: Let the Economy Overheat (WSJ)
  • Ignore the “Buffett Indicator” (ValuePlays)
  • Why the Oil Rally May Well Be Over (Oil Pricesee also Oil Buyer’s Guide (BBrief)
  • Why Do Analysts So Rarely Drop Their Long-Term Commodity Price Forecasts? (Piera)
  • Jack Bogle’s Great Insight (Morningstarsee also Long term investing is a superior strategy — except to the noisy internet (Fund Reference)
  • Podcasting Blossoms, but in Slow Motion (NYT)
  • A coffee addict’s guide to the universe (WonkBlog)
  • A Fearless Culture Fuels U.S. Tech Giants (NYTsee also Drone Startups Grab Record Cash as Kleiner, FF Venture Seek Wins (Bloomberg)
  • This Year Is Headed for the Hottest on Record, by a Long Shot: Hottest May, hottest five months. It’s a scorcher. (Bloomberg)
  • ‘Goodfellas,’ 25 Years On: Cast Members Reminisce (NY Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist Nick Hanauer.

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