Ritholtz's Reads: Tale of Two Job Markets

Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg View columnist. He founded Ritholtz Wealth Management and was chief executive and director of equity research at FusionIQ, a quantitative research firm. He blogs at the Big Picture and is the author of “Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy.”
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Our hand-crafted, Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Are Grantham And Hussman Correct About S&P 500 Valuations? (Value Walksee also To the guy who thinks that stocks for the long run is “dangerous,” I say thank you. You are the equity-risk premium (Irrelevant Investor)
  • 25 things I wish I knew when I graduated from high school (MarketWatch)
  • Three Economic Puzzles Are Now Less Puzzling (Real Time Economicssee also Tale of Two Job Markets Makes Fed’s Liftoff Timing a Tough Call (Bloomberg)
  • Symposium: The Bailouts of 2007-2009 (Journal of Economic Perspectives)
  • Net Outflows Befall 401(k) Plans (WSJsee also Are You Missing Out on the Roth 401(k)? Few workers use the retirement plan despite its advantages and growing availability (Bloomberg)
  • EBRI: Forcing Workers to Save Just 3% Won’t Solve the Retirement Crisis (Real Time Economics)
  • The $50 Billion Question: Can Uber Deliver? Investors are counting on Uber to upend the delivery business (WSJ)
  • 2015 NBA Playoffs: LeBron James’ unfathomable workload (ESPNsee also Can LeBron Give Even More? The Cavs only hope is to lean even further on their superstar—but even he may be wearing down (WSJ)
  • Want a House? Good Luck With the Down Payment (Bloomberg View)
  • The Weather Channel Confronts Republicans on Climate Change (Slatesee also Pope, GOP collide on climate change (CNN)

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