Myths of the 2016 Campaign

Jonathan Bernstein's morning reads.

1. Larry Sabato, Kyle Kondik, and Geoffrey Skelley look at the myths of campaign 2016. I think they’re a little too optimistic that one of the first tier Republicans will win the nomination -- I’m not ruling out several longshots yet -- but overall, good stuff.

2. At the Monkey Cage, Rory McCarthy asks: “What happens when Islamists lose an election?”

3. Excellent Brendan Nyhan item on Hillary Clinton’s obvious general election strategy -- and it’s critics.

4. David Lauter at the LA Times has a good piece summing up what we know about recent trends to more people self-identifying as liberals. Once again, however: We should not assume that a change in the number of people self-identifying as liberals means anything at all about whether their beliefs or their behavior has changed. It may only be about the way they label themselves.

5. Jonathan Cohn at HuffPost has the latest for Republican plans if they win the Obamacare subsidies case.

6. Excellent Charles Lane item on the frequency of U.S. elections and voter turnout. I do like relatively frequent elections, and elections for many things -- but the U.S. takes it way, way, way too far. Best solutions: consolidate election days (maximum of one general election day per year); eliminate judicial elections; eliminate statewide ballot measures.

7. And former Senator Tom Coburn talks White House 2016 to the Washington Examiner. He names names.

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