China's Boom in Old-Fashioned Business

Direct sales are soaring, because trust is prized in a chaotic economy.

Tupperware you can trust.

Photographer: Daily Herald Archive/SSPL/Getty Images

Last weekend, 90 buses, filled with 4,500 Chinese tourists, roamed the Netherlands courtesy of Perfect (China) Co. Ltd., a direct sales firm specializing in household and beauty products. It was an ostentatious trip, but nothing compared to the early May tour of France that Tiens, another Chinese direct sales firm specializing in health and beauty sponsored for 6,400 of its representatives. And that was smaller still than the 110 flights chartered in mid-May to take 12,700 Chinese tourists to Thailand, all of whom -- that’s right -- work for another Chinese direct sales company, Infinitus, specializing in health and beauty products.

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