The Bernie Sanders Surge

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Josh Putnam has your go-to analysis of the Bernie Sanders surge in the context of the Hillary Clinton waltz to the nomination. Give me nice odds, and I’ll be happy to bet on Clinton losing in one or more primary (or caucus) next year. Wouldn't surprise me. However, it’s more likely that she sweeps every state. And what really matters is that even if Sanders or O’Malley or someone else manages to win a handful of states, it’s not going to yield them the nomination.

2. Patrick Egan at the Monkey Cage on how the Obamacare subsidies lawsuit is a problem for Republicans.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage: Henry Farrell on the “Dread Pirate Roberts” and what the Silk Road case tells us about crime and criminals.

4. Derek Willis at the Upshot looks for the missing Republican women in Congress.

5. Dahlia Lithwick at Slate on the Supreme Court's look at violent speech on the internet.

6. Matt Yglesias reminds the media that Hillary Clinton is a popular politician.

7. See also Brian Beulter, who also puts the Sanders surge in perspective.

8. Kevin Drum is correct: Rand Paul is mainly displaying an excellent knack for taking credit for things he didn’t really do. On the other hand: That’s a valuable political skill! Not without its downsides, of course.

9. Here at View, a wonderful Megan McArdle essay on leaving New York.

10. I almost always disagree with National Journal's Ron Fournier ... but I'm with him on the question of reporting anonymous campaign spin. He's right -- it's not as if on-the-record campaign spin is any bargain to readers. 

11. And Daniel Bean has the most 2015 presidential nomination story so far: a look at the candidates’ 404 pages. Hey, political scientists: Now that we have an objective measure, who is going to be first to discover the electoral effect?

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