Flip-Flopping Is an Important Skill

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. At the LSE blog, Alex Garlick has evidence that party-label elections increase voter turnout compared with nonpartisan elections.

2. Joshua Huder at Rule 22: Yes, Rand Paul’s extended speech was a filibuster.

3. “Rather than malign flip-flopping, we should see it for what it is -- a skill.” Jamelle Bouie at Slate is correct about the virtue of flexibility in presidenting.

4. Greg Sargent on further evidence of Republican hostility towards compromise -- and whether Democrats will adopt that stance next time they lose the Oval Office.

5. More terrific New Hampshire invisible primary reporting from Boston Globe’s James Pindell.

6. Harry Enten looks at the different top-ten lists that different polling averages produce.

7. Max Ehrenfreund on how Kansas is finding new ways to burden its poor.

8. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner with a pessimistic view of where the Obamacare exchanges are going in year three. Still a little early to know, I think. Of course, if the subsidies disappear in many states, that’s a whole different issue.

9. And Annie Lowrey on crushing women’s ambitions.

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