What to Expect From a Higher Minimum Wage

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1. Josh Putnam at FHQ has an important clarification to my post yesterday on deadlocked conventions. Always trust Josh over me when it comes to the rules! The big point, which I should have at least mentioned: Republican candidates don’t always select their own delegates. Read the whole thing for more.

2. Julia Azari looks at the Republican candidates on Iraq in terms of “political time.” I remain skeptical that this concept from political science is all that useful, but that’s only a better reason to be sure to read Julia on the topic; maybe she’ll convince you. And it’s always good to try to find systematic reasons when a bunch of candidates inexplicably stumble in similar ways. At Mischiefs of Faction.

3. Tyler Cowen: The unconvincing case against the trade deal.

4. While Lydia DePillis at Wonkblog considers evidence on the effects of raising the minimum wage.

5. At Kevin Drum’s place, Dean Baker explains how health care reform has increased employment options.

6. At the Washington Examiner, Paige Winfield Cunningham explains why Republicans might want to keep Obamacare subsidies flowing.

7. Josh Marshall has seen all this about the Clintons and the press before.

8. Sarah Posner looks at Jeb Bush’s new way of talking about marriage.

9. James Fallows on what happened in the Iraq War -- and how reporters should be dealing with it now.

10. Dave Weigel at Bloomberg Politics reports on Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, and voting rights.

11. And Gene Demby on the MOVE bombing.

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