Democrats' Analytic Advantage

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. Interesting new research from Daniel Kreiss at the Monkey Cage on the Democratic advantage in “analytics.”

2. At the Upshot, Brendan Nyhan thinks about how the presidential campaign could derail criminal justice reform.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage, Cara E. Jones, Alies Rijper and Stephanie Schwartz catch everyone up on Burundi.

4. HuffPollster’s Ariel Edwards-Levi tweets: “Number of Republicans who've been included in 2016 polls, to date: 42.”

5. Reihan Salam on why federal budget deficits are the wrong priority.

6. Bill McBride at Calculated Risk compares job growth across presidencies.

7. Harold Pollack makes some excellent points about what it will take for health care reform to really work.

8. For some reason, yesterday was “what are Republicans going to do about their debate logjam?” day -- see, for example, a quick Ed Kilgore summary of the situation. I covered this last week. The solution is to (1) figure out which candidates they want on stage, and then (2) make up criteria that only include those candidates. Seriously: Forge the thing in Ronald Reagan’s handwriting, if that’s what it takes.

9. See also, however, Josh Putnam’s comments on the debates at FHQ.

10. And: No more Dixville Notch? A truly sad day in U.S. politics (although don’t let anyone tell you the midnight vote there, or apparently now in Millsfield, affects other New Hampshire voting). Wall Street Journal’s Reid Epstein reports.

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