The Evolution of Marco Rubio

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Read, clip, and save: Josh Putnam has a comprehensive primer on the 2016 nomination process over at the Monkey Cage.

2. Stephen Wolf over at Daily Kos has a very nice item arguing against compactness in legislative districting. Yes, exactly correct; there’s nothing good about pretty lines.

3. Heard about that Pew poll on religious affiliations? Before getting all worked up about it, head to Sarah Posner for careful analysis of what it is -- and isn’t -- saying.

4. Stuart Rothenberg makes the case for why Bobby Jindal is still viable. Plausible! The big question for Jindal now is whether he’ll stick around through the fall, thereby giving him time to benefit from a surge. We’ll see.

5. Nate Silver says “there is no Blue Wall.” That is, there’s no electoral college “lock” for Democrats. Yup.

6. Philip Klein looks at the pile-up in the upcoming Republican debates. My solution here.

7. Excellent reporting and analysis of where the trade deal stands, from Greg Sargent at the Plum Line.

8. And at Bloomberg Politics, Sahil Kapur on the evolution of Marco Rubio, hawk.

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