Hillary's Bigger Inner Circle

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1. Dan Drezner on the complicated security story about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

2. At the Monkey Cage, Chris W. Bonneau and Shane M. Redman don’t expect much of an effect from the recent Supreme Court case on judicial elections.

3. As always, the go-to place for anything about the schedule of presidential primaries and caucuses is Josh Putnam’s FHQ.

4. Over at The Week, Scott Lemieux explains what happened in that shocking election in Alberta.

5. Lydia DePillis at Wonkblog on working at McDonald’s.

6. At Bloomberg Politics, some nice reporting on Hillary Clinton’s inner circle by Jennifer Epstein and Mark Halperin. It’s further evidence that Clinton is running a consolidated Democratic Party campaign, not a purely Clinton campaign.

7. I missed this yesterday, but it is very good: Radley Balko on Baltimore and criminal justice reform.

8. And John M. Barry on Jim Wright. As I said yesterday, his book on Wright’s Congress is terrific, and still well worth reading now. I do disagree with him -- and with Newt Gingrich -- about “power.” Power isn’t zero-sum, and Gingrich’s idea that Wright (or anyone) could “consolidate” power is mostly gibberish. On the facts, though, Barry’s reporting stands up well, and he did an excellent job of capturing a large part of Gingrich’s destructiveness.

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