Jeb Bush Isn't Winning

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. Kathleen Searles shares new research on gender stereotypes in political ads, over at the Wesleyan Media Project. Complete with Don Draper reference, natch.

2. Important caveat from Josh Huder: Yes, partisan polarization is extremely important in Congress, but individual members still act (and vote) in ways not completely explained by party. The U.S. still doesn’t have real parliamentary parties -- not yet, at least.

3. Very good summary from Nate Silver and Harry Enten at 538 of how Jeb Bush is doing. He’s not winning the invisible primary so far…but he’s not losing it, either.

4. Buzzfeed’s Adam Serwer on the strange and sad case of Baltimore.

5. Dahlia Lithwick reads the Supreme Court on marriage.

6. Ross Douthat on marriage.

7. Danny Vinik at TNR profiles Patty Murray, legislator.

8. The Fix’s Chris Cillizza on political ignorance.

9. Jonathan Chait, in all his glory.

10. Useful reminder from Ramesh Ponnuru here at View: avoid oversimplifying about candidates and their supporters.

11. David Roberts at Vox has good news (if a bit speculative) about the future of energy: It’s going to be solar, all the way.

12. At CBPP, Judith Solomon on what Medicaid does well.

13. And I joined the gang filing in for Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones while he recovers from cancer treatments (and, yes, he’s posting more from the hospital than most of us do perfectly healthy, and with his usual high standards intact). I’m defending theater-style coverage of campaigns.

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