Megadonors and Corporate Lobbyists

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1. Excellent Richard Skinner item on megadonors, over at Mischiefs of Faction.

2. Lee Drutman in the New York Times on how to respond to the explosion of corporate lobbying. I agree with his first point: the best way is to strengthen Congress.

3. Adam Chilton and Mila Versteeg at the Monkey Cage with a frustrating finding: looking around the world (including, of course, the U.S.), “constitutional torture prohibitions haven’t reduced torture.”

4. No, it’s not always all about turnout. Mark Mellman explains for The Hill.

5. Katha Pollitt at The Nation explores the political differences between abortion and marriage equality.

6. Matt Yglesias at Vox is right: John Kerry did just fine as a presidential candidate. Note, by the way, that Jimmy Carter ran ahead of the economy in 1980 (and that’s not even counting inflation). You aren’t going to believe me, but it’s because he had a weak opponent.

7. James Pethokoukis argues for the long-term success of Reaganomics.

8. And Wonkblog’s Matt O’Brien on the long-term failure of austerity.

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