Our Surprisingly Productive Congress

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Joshua Huder at Rule 22 looks at the (somewhat) unexpectedly productive current 114th Congress.

2. Excellent #PSFrustration contribution from Jennifer Victor at Mischiefs of Faction.

3. Also at MoF: Seth Masket responds to those who call political scientists smug.

4. “The proposed deal with Iran is not exceptional.” That’s from Nick Miller and Or Rabinowitz at the Monkey Cage, placing the Iran framework in both historical perspective and in the context of long-term U.S. policy.

5. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner has interesting points on Scott Walker’s pandering on immigration. I suspect, however, that Walker has correctly calculated that there’s more support to be found among Republicans who hate immigrants than there is among principled conservatives, but Klein could be correct.

6. While Plum Line’s Greg Sargent has a smart item on Hillary Clinton’s “flip-flops” and party politics.

7. At TNR, Brian Beutler on Jeb Bush and death panels.

8. And most people worry a whole lot more about super-PACs than I do. My View colleague Francis Wilkinson has a fine example. I still don’t buy it.

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