The Coming Battle Over Weed

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction looks into the roots of #PSFrustration. How much of it is because of real differences between political scientists and most citizens about human nature -- or about differences about the point of democracy?

2. Greg Weeks takes #PSFrustration to Latin America. Informative!

3. John Hudak at Brookings looks at the politicians and other important figures in the battle over weed.

4. Good point from FHQ’s Josh Putnam: There’s a reason why primaries are “better” at selecting nominees than caucuses, but it isn't because primaries are inherently better.

5. “Although he's viewed as an uncompromising ideologue, he's really an opportunist.” Jason Zengerle on Ted Cruz.

6. I’ve been expecting Jeb Bush to top everyone else’s tax cuts -- but Jonathan Chait suspects that Marco Rubio has come up with a tax cut so big even Republicans won’t go for it.

7. Nice profile of Laura Ricketts, Democratic fundraiser in a family of Republican megadonors. From Marin Cogan at New York.

8. Good point from the Washington Post's Alyssa Rosenberg on how "Mad Men" handles the personal and the political.

9. And Ed Kilgore hits back against #PSFrustration. Kilgore: “I’d add another problematic issue: the tendency of academic folk to self-polarize a bit in order to counter what they regard as the bogus folk wisdom of journalists and operatives.” I’m not convinced, but be sure to check out his argument.

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