Next Wave of Republican Tax Cuts

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1. At the Monkey Cage, Erin Cassese discusses the wage gap and opportunity.

2. Richard Skinner at Brookings on the next wave of Republican tax cuts.

3. Nate Silver has John Kasich right about where I had him in the nomination fight -- well behind Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, but more likely than the others.

4. Dan Larison at The American Conservative dissents from my argument about Marco Rubio and immigration. Plausible -- but I’m not quite convinced.

5. Another dissent worth reading: Elias Isquith thinks race complicates the situation for immigration and Rubio. Also plausible, but also not enough to convince me. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

6. Excellent reporting from Plum Line’s Greg Sargent on Corker-Menendez: why the compromise might work, why the White House accepted it, and why it’s risky.

7. Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly gets annoyed by Rubio’s comments on Abraham Lincoln.

8. Here at View, Francis Wilkinson on how Lincoln became a saint. Yup.

9. And at Bloomberg Politics, David Weigel takes us through the new Rand Paul comic book.

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