Hillary's Announcement and Election Toss-Ups

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1. Josh Putnam at FHQ checks up on alleged loopholes in the Republican delegate selection process and finds less there than meets the eye. I’ll place a very, very large wager against anyone who wants to bet that these kinds of minor rules questions wind up making any difference at all in nomination politics next year. They are interesting though!

2. “Taking female armed rebels seriously.” Alexis Leanna Henshaw writes at the Monkey Cage.

3. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on Hillary Clinton generally, and also the oddities surrounding official candidacy announcements. (See also my discussion of official announcements from back when it was Rand Paul’s turn).

4. Good James Warren column on Hillary Clinton’s lock on the Democratic nomination (including quotes from political scientist David Hopkins).

5. Nate Cohn at the Upshot is also very good at Clinton’s nomination and general election prospects.

6. Nate Silver calls the general election a toss-up. I agree.

7. Ignore the introduction to Rebecca Traister’s piece on Clinton -- the points she makes after clearing her throat are very good.

8. And Jonathan Cohn reports some good news about health care costs and Obamacare.

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