Public Opinion on Climate and Abortion

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1. At the Monkey Cage, Bethany Albertson and Joshua Busby look at attitudes on climate -- and how advocates might be able to persuade.

2. Brad DeLong at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth examines “The Geography of ObamaCare Nullification: A Remarkable Conundrum of Political Economy.”

3. Sarah Kliff at Vox on public opinion about abortion.

4. Here at View, Noah Smith collects a surprising amount of good news on renewables.

5. At Plum Line, Greg Sargent quotes Senator Chris Murphy on the strange double standard of those who want an aggressive Congress fighting back against White House efforts at peace -- but are satisfied with a passive do-nothing Congress when it comes to war.

6. Useful Natalie Jackson item at HuffPollster looks into how pollsters decide which presidential candidates to include in their early surveys.

7. Marc Ambinder has an unusually even-handed appraisal of the Iran framework -- his conclusion is very positive, but he takes the best arguments against seriously.

8. And Alyssa Rosenberg has a remedial course for politicians who want to expose the evils of that hippity hoppity music.

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