Read Stuff, You Should: Scott Walker's Authenticity

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1. Brendan Nyhan at the Upshot on Scott Walker and authenticity.

2. At NBC, Perry Bacon Jr. has the case against Rand Paul as a viable candidate.

3. Ramesh Ponnuru here at View with a good item on why Paul can’t change the Republican Party. Caveat: I generally think that Bill Clinton’s Democrats were not all that much different from 1980s Democrats. Paul Republicans, at least Original Paul Republicans (Ponnuru is correct that Paul is running away from many of his original positions), would be significantly different from the current party.

4. James Pethokoukis tweets: “So Rand Paul wants to balance the budget + cut taxes by $700B a year? Think that means cutting spending to 15% of GDP, 1950 levels. Hmm ...”

5. Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly thinks about Brian Beutler’s proposed Freedom Day holiday.

6. While at TNR, Beutler follows up with the leap he’d like folks from the South to take: learning to blame the treasonous confederate regime.

7. Annie Lowrey on “the end of the errand.”

8. The Fix's Aaron Blake on independent voters.

9. And the invaluable Jaime Fuller on Rand Paul, interesting guy.

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