Read Stuff, You Should: Politics of Dogs

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1. Michael K. Miller at the Monkey Cage on “the surprising benefits of autocratic elections.”

2. Jay Ulfelder looks at an important global trend -- changes in casualties from war over time.

3. Slate’s Fred Kaplan is impressed with the Iran framework.

4. At Lawyers, Guns and Money, Robert Farley’s first reaction to the deal.

5. “[F]or all intents and purposes the position that virtually the entire [Republican presidential] field has taken is the rejection of diplomatic engagement itself.” That’s Dan Larison at The American Conservative on the U.S. politics fallout from the Iran deal.

6. Dahlia Lithwick at Slate argues that the cases against marriage equality and for Indiana-style religious freedom acts just don’t go together.

7. Andrew Sprung wants to know why people report being adversely affected by the ACA.

8. “Both places begin with 'I,' and are in the news, and have leaders who care about religion.” Jonathan Chait takes the latest in conservative hypocrisy-spotting very seriously.

9. And the politics of Scott Walker and dogs, from Matthew Jacobsmeier at the Monkey Cage.

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