Ritholtz's Reads: Clicks for the Holiday Weekend

It's Good Friday, and the start of Passover. Here are your 3-day weekend at home morning reads:

 • Opening Windows: A once-dominant software giant is determined to prove that life begins again at 40 (The Economist)

 • General Motors Bets Big on a Resurgent Cadillac (New York Times)

 • Why Data Breaches Don’t Hurt Stock Prices (HBR)

 • The Monetarist Mistake (Project Syndicatesee also Milton Friedman, Monetarism, and the Great and Little Depressions (Uneasy Money)

 • Tidal and the Future of Music (stratechery)

 • Wal-Mart, GE Pressure Has States Changing Tune on Gay Rights (Bloomberg)   see also Indiana’s Religious Conservatives Surrender (Bloomberg View)

 • The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online (WSJ)

 • Why Obama chose the Iran talks to take one of his presidency’s biggest risks (Washington Postsee also  Iran nuclear talks: a very simple guide (Vox)

 • How the Gluteus Became Maximus: Debate among scholars about the true origin of a preference among males for curvier backsides. (The Atlantic)

 • Adam Riches on Bill Murray: ‘Ghostbusters made me want to be funny’ (The Guardian)

 What are you reading?

 The deficit as a proportion of GDP


Source: Office for Budget Responsibility





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