Ritholtz's Reads: Welcome to Blogging, Bernanke

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Heckuva of a way to start the week, with a giant rally -- let’s see if it sticks. Meanwhile, our morning train reads:

  • Want to avoid a bear market? (Irrelevant Investorsee also You won’t know the bull market is over until the bear is here (MarketWatch)
  • China’s stock market sure looks like a bubble (Wonkblog)
  • A Shrewd Oil Call Reverses Fortunes for Lucky Few (WSJ)
  • Small investors blame losses on brokers they once trusted (Yahoo Finance)
  • Now That Ben Bernanke Is Blogging, Here’s What He Should Write About (Upshot)
  • Holawhat? Meet The Alt-Management System Invented By A Programmer And Used By Zappos (Fast Company)
  • Overstock.com: Closing the File on a Criminal Junkie Named Judd Bagley (Gary Weiss)
  • The World In ‘Scope (TechCrunchsee also Here Is a List of Celebrities Who Are Already on Meerkat and Periscope (Adweek)
  • A group of Chicago hospitals have found a groundbreaking new way to battle a deadly ‘superbug’ (Business Insider)
  • Jay Z Reveals Plans for Tidal, a Streaming Music Service (NYTsee also The internet took the album away, and now it’s giving it back (The Verge)

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