Read Stuff, You Should: After Harry Reid

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1. Brendan Nyhan at the Upshot explains that a divisive nomination contest is unlikely to hurt Republicans in the 2016 presidential election.

2. The Monkey Cage’s Kim Yi Dionne on the elections in Nigeria.

3. David Leonhardt with very good comment on Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and the problems it poses for the press. One nitpick: I don’t think we know that Mitt Romney “understood that he did not have enough support to make a serious run for the nomination.” All we know if that he believed that the risk was greater than he was willing to take.

4. Excellent Matt Yglesias post at Vox on succeeding Harry Reid, and why Elizabeth Warren would be a particularly poor choice.

5. Also at Vox, Dylan Matthews has more about why liberals shouldn’t want Warren as Democratic leader.

6. Ed Kilgore at Washington Monlthy asks a good question: in practical terms, what does opposition to “amnesty” really mean for Republican candidates on immigration?

7. And the Boston Globe’s James Pindell explains what’s really going on at New Hampshire presidential primary “town meetings” -- and plenty of other similar events in other states.

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