Read Stuff, You Should: Cooperation Breaks Out

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1. The “doc fix” Medicare package that passed the House overwhelmingly yesterday is worth noting. Sarah Kliff at Vox explains.

2. Why has bipartisanship suddenly broken out? Jonathan Cohn at HuffPost suspects it’s because the parties have different interpretations of the effects of the bill.

3. The Monkey Cage’s Sarah Binder, however, sees the parties finding a way to work together. No one expects it to become a habit.

4. Robert Farley at The National Interest looks at what a U.S. attack on Iran would look like -- and how it would play out over time. For the U.S., it isn't a very encouraging picture.

5. Andrew Sprung considers the possibility that Republicans will kick the can down the road if the King Obamacare case goes their way at the Supreme Court. That would mean temporarily restoring subsidies in all states, at least until after the 2016 elections. That’s what I’ve considered a likely -- though hardly assured -- scenario.

6. Interesting meditation from Washington Monthly's Ed Kilgore on Scott Walker’s version of national security.

7. Nice look at Joe Biden’s semi-sorta-maybe presidential campaign, from Alex Seitz-Wald at MSNBC.

8. And the Fix’s Aaron Blake on Aaron Shock and one of the worst congressional resignations ever. A fitting way to end one of the worst congressional careers ever, I suppose.

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