Read Stuff, You Should: Ted Cruz's Rap on Rock

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1. John Sides at the Monkey Cage explores the Jewish vote.

2. At Mischiefs of Faction, Heath Brown considers Ted Cruz, Washington bureaucrat.

3. Also at MoF, Julia Azari has some thoughts about CPAC and party asymmetry.

4. Excellent item from James Pfiffner at Brookings on the presidency and centralizing authority inside the White House. One quibble: On questions of the party’s role, I’d emphasize the extent to which the party now exists within the White House staff, so moving some functions there (from the formal party organizations, for example) could actually reinforce  the party’s importance. And one larger point: Pfiffner’s piece is very balanced, but I’d like to see a bit more about the pitfalls of attempting to develop and implement policy within the White House.

5. Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy at HuffPollster on the state of polling.

6. The Washington Examiner's Philip Klein is correct that there’s nothing hypocritical about getting insurance on the exchanges if you're an opponent of Obamacare. I don’t mind some hypocrisy anyway, but this isn’t it (though I’d note that those who tried to convince young people not to take any health insurance were hypocritical if they themselves had coverage, but even then, the political harm was what they said, not what they did).

7. New York's Jonathan Chait has some fun with Cruz’s politically charged musical decisions. Fair enough; if politicians trot out these kinds of hooey, it’s only natural they’re going to be knocked for it. Worth noting, however, that all politicians (from both parties) play this game. Hey, I bet George H.W. Bush managed to convince himself that he really loved pork rinds during the 1988 campaign.  

8. And Think Progress’s Ian Millhiser presents his list of the worst five Supreme Court justices.

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