Read Stuff, You Should: Israeli Polls

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1. Joshua Huder at Rule 22 on what’s in a budget resolution.

2. Brendan Nyhan at The Upshot looks at how some outlets are misreporting polling about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

3. I don’t think I linked to Hans Noel’s nice recent post on parties, groups, and ideology; Matt Grossmann and David Hopkins respond. All at Mischiefs of Faction. In a sense, this is mainly an academic dispute – but it’s also a very practical discussion about why Republicans (and Democrats) act as they do.

4. Will automatic voter registration really affect turnout? NPR’s Domenico Montanaro considers the evidence (via Hasen).

5. James Pethokoukis at The Week is unimpressed with the House’s budget plan.

6. Fred Kaplan on what the Israeli election means for Israel’s future.

7. And HuffPollster on where the pre-election surveys in Israel got it wrong.

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