Ritholtz's Reads: Bonds Hit the Boiling Point

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Markets were upbeat yesterday on news from Europe. As my pal Doug Kass noted, the Dow rose 140 last Monday, was down 330 on Tuesday, +260 on Thursday, -250 on Friday (before finishing -145), while yesterday +228. 

And today? We have your morning train reads:

  • Mutual Funds Pick Year When S&P 500 Is Up 1% to Beat the Market  (Bloomberg)
  • Shiller: How Scary Is the Bond Market? (Project Syndicatesee also Bonds Hit Boiling Point Thanks to ECB (WSJ)
  • (Now) Apple is all about China (Om)
  • In Praise of Short Sellers (New Yorker)
  • Debunking $1.4 Trillion Europe Debt Myth in Post-Heta Age (Bloomberg)
  • You Kids Get Off Mark Zuckerberg’s Lawn (Medium)
  • In Battery Revolution, a Clean Leap Forward (WSJ)
  • A Police Gadget Tracks Phones? Shhh! It’s Secret (NYTsee also Americans’ Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden (Pew Research)
  • Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets (Vox)
  • The world’s most painful insect sting: Many insects can hurt us with their stings, but one scientist has made it his mission to become a connoisseur of them all (BBC

What are you reading?

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