Read Stuff, You Should: Clinton and the Media

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1. Really nice look at Bill and Hillary Clinton and the media from Jonathan Ladd at Mischiefs of Faction.

2. “Has Obama delivered the ‘most transparent’ administration in history?” Jason Ross Arnold at the Monkey Cage delivers a mixed verdict.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage, Monica Marks shows how a coup in Egypt was related to events in Tunisia.

4. Excellent overview of the budget situation from Stan Collender at Forbes.

5. While the “doc fix” negotiations reveal a new approach from Speaker John Boehner. Interesting. National Journal’s Daniel Newhauser reports.

6. Jesse Cross-Call at Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looks at the relationship between Medicaid expansion and state budgets.

7. Ezra Klein is right: Hillary Clinton isn’t running unopposed for the nomination; she’s just winning.

8. David Leonhardt at the Upshot on what we don’t know about campaigns.

9. Brian Beutler suspects that the media has bought into the Clinton email story because of their interest in disclosure and openness. Plausible!

10. Here at View, Cass Sunstein on Clarence Thomas.

11. And Jennifer Bendery at HuffPost tries to spend a day Lindsay Graham style.

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