Read Stuff, You Should: White House Honors

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. John Sides at the Monkey Cage explains why we should ignore the early presidential nomination polls.

2. Seth Masket on a very silly effort by Colorado’s Senate delegation to prevent government shutdowns. Once again: one or two-day shutdowns may be caused by miscalculation; long shutdowns only happen because one party decides it.

3. At Bloomberg Politics, Richard Rubin on Republicans, the deficit and tax cuts

4. Excellent Jonathan Chait item relating recent political science research on the parties to the missing Republican bill to replace "Obamacare."

5. Nice Greg Sargent point on the Loretta Lynch confirmation fight.

6. Ed Kilgore on the relocation of the Iowa Republican Straw Poll. As I recall, both Kilgore and I assumed it would survive -- but we didn’t see that the Ames Straw Poll would become the Boone Straw Poll. 

7. A Bloggingheads from Heather Hurlburt and Dan Drezner on  the Iran letter and the negotiations, among other things.

8. And a wonderful Washington Post story by Juliet Eilperin giving the story behind White House statements on the deaths of famous people; also see charts and more from the Post’s Philip Bump.

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