Read Stuff, You Should: Dear Republican Senators

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1. Smart analysis by Ezra Klein on why the “transparency” complaints about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are mostly bogus, but the security complaints may be real.

2. A terrific profile of John Kasich by Michelle Cottle at National Journal.

3. Francis Wilkinson here at View looks at Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and how immigration will work in the nomination contest.

4. “The Logan Act is a joke.” Yup. That’s Joshua Keating at Slate.

5. Paul Krugman has a nice short item telling the truth about entitlement spending.

6. All the numbers on second-year Obamacare enrollments, from Haeyoun Park, Alicia Parlapiano and Derek Watkins at the New York Times. Two questions about the exchanges: How many of the people getting insurance through the exchanges identify it with the ACA? How bad is the chaos for tax filing this year?

7. And Slate’s Will Saleton has a little fun with the Republican senators' letter to Iran.

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