Read Stuff, You Should: The Iran Letter

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1. At the Monkey Cage, Maria Snegovaya suggests a better way of looking at Russia.

2. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on transparency and the Clinton e-mails.

3. I suppose this is necessary: The Upshot’s Nate Cohn explains why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be considered a general election favorite. Yup. There’s really no reason to believe that Clinton is a stronger (or weaker) candidate than a generic Democrat, and the election is pretty much a toss-up, mainly because it’s a long time away.

4. Byron York at the Washington Examiner comes down about where I was on the Republican letter on Iran. York places too much of the blame on Barack Obama for general tensions between the branches, and exaggerates the extent to which the president has “pushed his executive authority beyond its proper limits” (indeed, the evidence is slim that Obama has done so any more than his predecessors). But overall, York’s blame-both-sides argument is just about correct.

5. Meanwhile, Dan Larison at The American Conservative focuses on the substance, saying the senators have “nothing constructive to offer,” and calling out Rand Paul for joining them.

6. Interesting reporting from Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches about what evangelical voters are looking for -- and why Scott Walker might have what they want.

7. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner is tough on Walker over ethanol.

8. “What a 100-year-old racist movie tells us about civil rights then and now.” That’s Rick Vallely at the Monkey Cage on “Birth of a Nation.”

9. And Happy Birthday to Richard Gant, 71. Wonderful job as  Hostetler in “Deadwood,” which I finished recently (and give the highest recommendation; I’m not sure there’s a better TV show. Even despite the abrupt finish).

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