Read Stuff, You Should: Obama's Selma Speech

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. “America is not some fragile thing.” Barack Obama in Selma.

2. Andrew Sprung, one of the most careful Obama listeners, on the Selma speech.

3. The Atlantic's James Fallows, who knows a thing or two about presidential speeches, on Selma.

4. Important points from John Sides at the Monkey Cage about women in Congress -- but really, about how there’s a lot more to Congress and representation than just final floor votes.

5. While Rachel VanSickle-Ward, also at MC, explains why so much legislation is so ambiguous.

6. Good Reihan Salam item critiquing the Rubio-Lee tax plan, at National Review.

7. Ben Casselman at FiveThirtyEight takes on one of the sillier Wall Street Journal op-eds.

8. New York's Jonathan Chait supplies what could be the real reason Democrats should worry about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

9. And Happy Birthday to Ornella Muti, 60. Because of "Oscar," the very fun movie.

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