Read Stuff, You Should: Obamacare at the Court

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Alice Rivlin, 84.

The good stuff:

1. HuffPollster reports that Barack Obama’s public opinion bump appears to have leveled off.

2. Chris Blattman at the Monkey Cage has the evidence on microfinance.

3. Seth Masket on Chris Christie’s presidential campaign: This is what losing looks like. I’m not quite ready to rule out Christie completely , but yeah, Seth is right.

4. The Upshot’s David Leonhardt on King v. Burwell.

5. Fred Kaplan at Slate on Benjamin Netanhyahu’s speech to Congress.

6. Interested in the Israeli election? At the Fruits and Votes blog, Matthew Shugart goes through the coalition possibilities.  

7. Former Senator Jack Danforth’s eulogy for Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich was a call for a better politics. Reid Wilson reports at the Washington Post.

8. And who can resist Sarah Binder’s annual Peeps sculpture? At the Monkey Cage.

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