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Want to Run for Congress? Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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“Base salary of $174,000,” reads a new job description on LinkedIn. “Full health and dental benefits.”

Sounds pretty good.

“Complimentary travel to and from Washington, DC headquarters.” “Allowance of $944,671 for a staff of up to 18 individuals.”

Really good.

“A two-year contract, which can be renewed following a public performance review every two years.” Hmmm.

Yes, you can now use LinkedIn to apply for a job as a U.S. Representative. Sort of. More accurately, you can apply to win support for a congressional campaign potentially leading to a job with only “132 required work days.” Start buffing that American flag pin!

The job openings were posted by Run for America, “a nonpartisan initiative that aims to recruit, train, and help elect a diverse slate of a dozen next generation leaders to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016,” according to a news release. RFA is searching for potential candidates itself, and is also urging the public to nominate individuals on its website or through Facebook and Twitter.

The job description -- like RFA itself -- purports to be a serious effort. “Much of this,” said RFA chief executive officer David Burstein, “is about spreading this message and starting this conversation about why don’t we look at these jobs the way we look at every other job in America.”

Burstein, 26, is something of a millennial guru. (He literally wrote a book on the generation.) According to him, while RFA is not exclusively looking for young people, it expects that many candidates it supports will be young. Still, “Suggesting that it’s just a millennial effort I think misses a big part of the point,” said Burstein. “There are people of other generations who share that mindset as well.”

Of course, a mindset only takes you so far. Candidates also need lots of money. If only they could tap into that generous office allowance and franking privilege. 

(Updates news release language in paragraph seven.)

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