Read Stuff, You Should: Hillary's E-Mails

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Happy Birthday to Ron Wotus, 54.

Baseball is back! At least in Florida and Arizona, where Wotus and the World Series Champs are. Better get right to the good stuff:

1. So we have our first honest-to-goodness scandal of the 2016 cycle, with the revelation that as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton transacted her business using a private e-mail account, potentially violating a requirement that officials' communications be retained. Michael S. Schmidt at the New York Times has the story. It’s too soon to tell whether there will be more -- or less -- than first seems. Meanwhile, unless there’s a lot more, it’s unlikely to have an electoral effect. What we’ve learned isn’t close to enough to remove her grip on the nomination, and as John Sides tweeted, this doesn’t appear to be a story that will move swing voters on Election Day, more than a year from now. Still, it’s a legitimately big story for now.

2. Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction is correct: It’s the parties, not the press, that have made the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary into big deals. So while those events can be hyped, the press is correct to cover them.

3. James A. Thomson and Jesse Sussell at the Monkey Cage on geographic clustering and polarization.

4. Washington Examiner’s Byron York asks whether Scott Walker is ready for prime time. As York says, there’s still plenty of time, and so far no one is questioning Walker’s ability, but he’s going to have to do better if he wants to capitalize on his surge. 

5. It appears Mike Pence could be running for re-election and dropping out of a presidential race he never fully committed to. National Journal’s Karyn Bruggeman reports.

6. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin ranks the Republican presidential contenders. Hew view is very close to mine, though I’m more positive about Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabeee.

7. And don't miss View’s Eli Lake inside AIPAC

8. Andrew Sprung and I are on the same page about what Republicans might do if they win the Obamacare Supreme Court case.

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