Read Stuff, You Should: Health Care Subsidies

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Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden, 66.

No shutdown (yet), but plenty of news coming up this week. First, the good stuff:

1. Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post with a nice catch: Almost everyone in the U.S. gets health care subsidies in one form or another from the government, but most don’t realize it.

2. Jeffrey Goldberg looks at what Benjamin Netanyahu is doing to Israel’s relationship with the U.S.

3. Andrew Sprung argues that the way for Republicans to shape health care is to accept -- and change -- Obamacare.

4. Republicans prepare to take on Rand Paul on national security; National Journal’s Tim Alberta explains.

5. The Washington Post’s James Downie points out the Republican field’s lack of foreign policy experience. Fair enough, but I doubt if it matters much in the general election.

6. And on Leonard Nimoy: Alyssa Rosenberg at the Washington Post remembers "Star Trek IV"; Matt Yglesias at Vox on how Spock made "Star Trek" work; and Stephen Benedict Dyson at the Monkey Cage discusses how Nimoy brought politics to the show.

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