Read Stuff, You Should: When Science Is Inconvenient

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Timothy Spall, 58.

The good stuff:

1. New research on how conservatives and liberals sometimes discount science, from Erik C. Nisbet and R. Kelly Garrett at the Monkey Cage.

2. Sarah Posner at Religious Dispatches on Republican rhetoric about Barack Obama’s religious beliefs.

3. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones argues that Republicans are losing the shutdown showdown because conservatives don’t really care about the substance. Perhaps, but I think the president just had too many institutional advantages over his opponents in Congress. Of course, both could be true.

4. Washington Monthly’s Ed Kilgore on what Carly Fiorina is doing running for president.

5. And Dan Larison on the “no light” standard of U.S. alliances.

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