Read Stuff, You Should: Shutdown Calculations

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Peter Holsapple, 59.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. Josh Huder at Rule 22 makes some good points about the effects of a shutdown on Republicans. The public opinion hit from a short Homeland Security closure would probably be minor, and brief, and we are a long way from November 2016. Still, it would be self-inflicted damage for no gain. And each shutdown attributed to Republicans makes them even less likely to escape blame for the next one, which reduces their leverage in the next budget confrontations.

2. “New evidence shows election officials are biased against Latino voters,” from Ariel White, Noah Nathan and Julie Faller at the Monkey Cage.

3. At the New West, Julia Azari turns the spotlight on a recent journal article about Thomas Jefferson and the military.

4. Jonathan Chait at New York fisks AEI’s Stephan Moore on Obamacare. Brutal. Also, see my 2011 post on the Republican War on Budgeting.

5. Josh Rogin here at View on Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team.

6. Dan Larison on Twitter: “Is it any wonder politicians put so little effort into learning FP? They receive praise for expertise they don't have for giving 1 speech.”

7. And Michael Cohen at Politico Magazine on the 50th anniversary of the beginning (more or less) of the Vietnam War.

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