Read Stuff, You Should: Vermont's Primary Ploy

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Happy Birthday to Pernilla August, 57. It wasn’t her fault!

Ah, the good stuff:

1. Very nice post from Peter Hanson at Mischiefs of Faction about politicians (and other practitioners) as informants. Although it is intended for political scientists, journalists could profit from it at least as much. Great (Bill) Jamesian points.

2. No, Vermont isn’t going to horn in on New Hampshire’s presidential primary. Josh Putnam at FHQ explains.

3. Jillian Schwedler at the Monkey Cage writes about “radicals” and “moderates” in Islam -- and as concepts in the academic study of Islam.

4. Is anyone doing a pundit watch to see who switches sides on the filibuster now that Republicans have a Senate majority? The New Republic's Brian Beutler is still hoping for a majority-rules Senate (I still support the same mixed position. Including Superbill!)

5. And my View colleague Kavitha Davidson on the Little League controversy in Chicago

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