Read Stuff, You Should: Church and the State of Alabama

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Happy Birthday to Arsenio Hall, 59.

Look at all of that good stuff:

1. Sarah Posner on Alabama Judge Roy Moore and the “showdown between God and government.” At Religion Dispatches.

2. While Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly comments on Moore’s allies.

3. More from Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Atlantic about religion, the Crusades and history.

4. Useful reminder from Greg Sargent: “No matter how many times Rs claim they can't pass clean DHS funding, remember: They said that every other time before they caved.”

5. Slate’s Jamelle Bouie on Jon Stewart, politics and liberals.

6. Jennifer Agiesta at has an item about polling and what it takes to win in Iowa and New Hampshire. Just skip the unfortunate headline, which isn’t supported by the article.

7. Ali Watkins and Jennifer Bendery at HuffPost have some of the history of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

8. While Dave Weigel at Bloomberg Politics has more on the tough path for President Barack Obama's AUMF to take on the Islamic State.

9. And Jennifer Victor at Mischiefs of Faction calls out the Washington Post Style section for some dubious comments about professors and political science.

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