Ritholtz's Reads: Baltic Dry and Partial Recall

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Who are all these new faces on my TV? No Williams, no Colbert, and soon no Letterman and no Stewart. No worries, we have you covered with our morning train reads:

  • Baltic Dry at Lowest Level Since August 1986 (Bloombergsee also The Shipping News: Brutal. As per usual (Financial Post)
  • Treasure Hunt: In this turbulent market, leading wealth managers like a triple-play of alternatives: hedge funds, private equity, and private debt. (Barron’s)
  • U.S. investors primed for midyear rate rise (FT)
  • Jon Stewart Will Leave ‘The Daily Show’ on a Career High Note (NYTsee also The Infuriating Thing About Jon Stewart Is Also Why He’ll Be Missed: He was too funny to not be truthful … and too truthful not to be funny. (Bloomberg Politics)
  • What About the 1970s? (Wealth of Common Sense)
  • The Average American Mall Explained In 6 Charts (Bloomberg Business)
  • Partial Recall: Can neuroscience help us rewrite our most traumatic memories? (New Yorkersee also Neuroscience Suggests that Brian Williams May Be 'Misremembering' (PBS)
  • Destination Whatever: Touring the Cruise Industry of the Caribbean (Harvard Design Magazine)
  • Android Sales Are In Decline for the First Time Ever (Business Insidersee also  Android OEM profitability, and the most surprising number from Q4’s smartphone market (Overspill)
  • Hey, California: Oklahoma had 3 times as many earthquakes in 2014 (Reveal)

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