Read Stuff, You Should: How Sanctions Really Work

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Happy Birthday to Keeley Hawes, 39. I can’t quite say I’d recommend the revived “Upstairs Downstairs” (as opposed to the must-watch original), but I enjoyed it anyway.

The good stuff:

1. Dan Drezner at PostEverything on Barack Obama’s emphasis on economic sanctions.

2. Kristin Fabbe at the Monkey Cage on Turkey and “secularization in reverse.”

3. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on what happens with Mitt Romney out.

4. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard considers the Federalist Society, conservative judges and the Republican Party.

5. The Washington Post’s Lisa Rein shows how overreaction to the GSA scandal is making responsible government difficult.

6. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones on Scott Walker’s balancing act.

7. And National Journal’s Tim Alberta reports from Iowa on Christian conservatives, split among several candidates.

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