Read Stuff, You Should: Prayer Breakfast Furor

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Joe Pesci, 72.

New week. Better get started early on the good stuff:

1. Richard Skinner at Mischiefs of Faction grades the presidential candidates.

2. Nice Matt O’Brien item at Wonkblog about the “lie” of the unemployment rate.

3. Good David Leonhardt assessment of the Scott Walker surge, at the Upshot.

4. “The Foolish, Historically Illiterate, Incredible Response to Obama's Prayer Breakfast Speech.” The always must-read Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic.

5. See also Greg Sargent on race, religion and what Obama was saying.

6. While Sarah Posner asks whether Obama should just skip the National Prayer Breakfast.

7. Useful reminder from my View colleague Francis Wilkinson that prosecutors are playing a significant role in the Republican presidential nomination contest.

8. The Atlantic’s James Fallows on Israel, the Supreme Court and the importance of norm violations.

9. No, the California top-two system doesn’t do what advocates thought it would. Mark Barabak at the Lost Angeles Times reports on new research (via Hasen).

10. And the political scientist Ray Wolfinger died. The Monkey Cage's John Sides hosts remembrances from Ray’s students, colleagues and friends. I can attest to his generosity, even though I wasn’t one of his students (at least not directly). He is missed.

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