Read Stuff, You Should: Politicizing Support for Israel

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Happy Birthday to Jon Walmsley, 59.

Weekend is coming, so I suppose everyone needs extra good stuff:

1. Read Mark Schmitt, at the Brennan Center for Justice, on “political opportunity.” I don’t agree with everything, but it’s an innovative approach to political reform that deserves a wide audience.

2. At the Fix, an excellent Nia-Malika Henderson takedown of a really weak argument about Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

3. Brad DeLong, at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth website, looks closely at the new Republican health care offering, and how the New York Times botched its coverage. I’ll believe the proposal is more than a press release when a House or Senate committee holds a mark-up. Sure, there are conservatives who care about reform and have real ideas, but I’m not going to believe that real Republican politicians are serious about it until I see proof.

4. At the American Prospect, Gershom Gorenberg appeals to leaders of U.S. Jewish organizations to break with the project of turning support for Israel into a partisan issue. I strongly suspect that Republicans are wrong to believe that they can win over Jewish support with this strategy. And for Israel, it’s hard to see the gambit as anything other than a disaster.

5. Dan Larison at The American Conservative writes on my “peace is bad for peaceniks” post.

6. Mark Goldberg at UN Dispatch on the Pope’s trip to Capitol Hill.

7. Austin Frakt on health care reform and conservatives.

8. My View colleague Francis Wilkinson on Republicans and border security.

9. At Vox, Ezra Klein on how Hillary Clinton has party support -- but still hasn’t made her policy intentions clear.

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