Read Stuff, You Should: Democratic Filibustering

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Happy Birthday to Christopher Guest, 67. In addition to all the roles you know about, he once played Watergate figure Jeb Magruder -- and it wasn’t even in “Dick.”

Which gets us to the good stuff:

1. Sharan Grewal at the Monkey Cage on Tunisia vs. Egypt.

2. Andrew Sullivan is not a Chris Christie fan, and wants us to know it.

3. Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches reports on Republicans, Democrats and Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the U.S.

4. James Pethokoukis at The Week wants Republicans to get the math right.

5. James Downie at the Washington Post tells us why Senate Democrats shouldn’t filibuster the Homeland Security funding bill. It’s a reasonable case, but the flip side is important, too: If Democrats use the filibuster more selectively than Republicans, aren’t they just giving a permanent advantage to the other party? It’s a close call.

6. And Matt Fuller at Roll Call on the new “House Freedom Caucus” -- you know, the splitters who thought the old organization for House conservatives was for squishes and RINOs.

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