Ritholtz's Reads: When Central Bankers Lose Control

Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg View columnist. He founded Ritholtz Wealth Management and was chief executive and director of equity research at FusionIQ, a quantitative research firm. He blogs at the Big Picture and is the author of “Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy.”
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Our free range, hand selected, micro-brewed morning train reads:

  • Byron Wien:  The Power of Lower Oil Prices (Blackstone)
  • A Revelation For Small-Cap Investing Strategies (Capital Spectatorbut see Most of the time stock markets do nothing. (Crossing Wall St)
  • Activist investors were a lot more active in 2014 (Fortune)
  • Roach: Why central bankers around the world have lost control (Marketwatchsee also German 10-year yield dips below Japan’s (FT)
  • Asset Managers Break Promises on Responsible Investment (Chief Investment Officer)
  • S.&P. Settlement Leaves Future Unclear for Ratings (Dealbooksee also Two New Faces That Helped Seal S&P Deal (WSJ)
  • Ignoring the Yield Curve May Be Dangerous to Your Health (E21)
  • An invasion of artificial outrage (Washington Post)
  • Master switch found to stop tumor cell growth by inducing dormancy (Eurekalertsee also Another Misguided Cancer Testimonial (Science-Based Medicine)
  • Groundhog Days: Punxsutawney gets the spotlight, but it’s Groundhog Day every day in Woodstock, Ill., where Groundhog Day was filmed, and where hundreds of fans gathered this year -- and every year, year after year -- to celebrate their favorite movie. (The Morning News)

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