Read Stuff, You Should: Homeland Security Gamble

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Happy Birthday to John Schuck, 75. One of my very favorites -- an Altman regular, classic sitcom guest (his "Mary Tyler Moore" episode is terrific) and occasional "Star Trek" appearances.

I suppose it’s time for the good stuff:

1. At Brookings, Jennifer L. Lawless and Danny Hayes on “The Troubling Causes and Consequences of Diminished Local News.” Sure wish there were a solution.

2. Akis Georgakellos and Harris Mylonas at the Monkey Cage on the next step for Greece.

3. Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction on partisan polarization and vaccinations.

4. Fred Kaplan at Slate looks at President Barack Obama’s surprisingly large budget request for the military.

5. Brian Beutler at The New Republic argues that Republicans don't see Homeland Security funding as a must-pass bill. Interesting (and his comparison of the DHS bill and the debt limit is very nice).

6. At FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten finds another way to say “Ignore Those Polls!” about early presidential primary surveys.

7. And Steven Rubio on Katy Perry.

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