Read Stuff, You Should: Paul Ryan's Bad Faith

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Happy Birthday to Morgan Fairchild, 65.

Lots of good stuff:

1. Elaine Kamarck at Brookings on studying government performance.

2. Stacey Philbrick Yadav from the Monkey Cage on Islamist republicanism and Yemen.

3. Ta-Nehisi Coates on “Andrew Sullivan and the Importance of Self-Criticism.”

4. David Weigel from Bloomberg Politics reports on the latest from the Draft Warren movement.

5. Aaron Blake at the Fix on the hazards of projecting political trends into the future.

6. Marin Cogan at New York on Ron Klain, the departing Ebola czar.

7. FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten on Iowa polling.

8. The New Republic's Rebecca Traister on maternity and employment.

9. And, Jonathan Chait may be correct that it was shameless of Paul Ryan to bash Barack Obama on income inequality when Ryan has opposed every proposal that experts believe would help. But the most shameless rhetoric Ryan has used was his vice-presidential nomination speech in which he bashed Obama for not accepting the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles commission. Because there were no recommendations. Because Ryan himself, as he neglected to mention, was on that commission, and prevented it from making any recommendations. Which didn’t stop him from bashing the president for not following those fictional recommendations.

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